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Green Aventurine - The Money bringer

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Crystals have been used for centuries for their believed healing and spiritual properties. Many people believe that crystals can have a positive impact on one's physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Crystals can be used in various ways such as meditation, energy healing, and decorating your home. They can also be worn as jewelry or placed in your pocket to carry the energy of the crystal with you throughout the day. Some people use crystals for chakra balancing, aura cleansing, and to attract abundance and positive energy. 

Crystals can be a great tool for self-care and personal growth, and can also be used to enhance the energy of your home or work space. Crystals are believed to have unique properties that can positively influence one's mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

This crystal, Green Aventurine, stands for healing, abundance and growth (both personal and professional). It's a good luck crystal that enhances your creativity, brings well-being, joy, prosperity, confidence, courage and emotional calm. It diffuses negativity, clears mental blocks and is a comforter and heart healer. Attracts love, especially later in life. 

Mantra: Good luck follows me everywhere I go

Place this crystal on your work desk or carry it in your pocket.